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A Complete Guide to the Weight of Electric Skateboards- 

Electric skateboards are one of the top prior gadgets adults have. Electric skateboards are becoming famous within a couple of years.  Although people use these e-boards to perform various tricks and stunts or use them just for fun. But the majority of the people use these commuting devices as a last-mile transportation solution.

The weight of the electric skateboard is the key factor to consider while choosing the electric skateboard as your last-mile transportation. It becomes easy to carry a lightweight electric skateboard compared to the heavy one in public transportation. To give you a clear picture of the electric skateboard weight factor we have compiled this brief guide. Hope you will like the information mentioned in this blog post.

The weight of the electric skateboard varies from model to model, it basically depends on the size of the electric skateboard, motor, batteries, deck, trucks, wheels, etc. Normally an electric skateboard has a weight of 15-28 lbs.

Weight of the various electric skateboard

It is obvious each electric skateboard brand tries to make their e-skateboard different or superior from the competitor’s electric skateboard. We have done detailed research on various electric skateboards according to their weight factors and mentioned in the below table to give you a clear picture.


Electric Skateboard Modle Weight in (LBS)
Acton Blink S2 15,5 lbs
Acton Blink Qu4tro 17 lbs
Backfire Galaxy G2t 14,5 lbs
Boosted Mini S 15 lbs
Boosted Plus 17 lbs
Boosted Stealth 17 lbs
Evolve GTR 22 lbs
Evolve GT 17 lbs
Inboard M1 14,5 lbs
Meepo NLS Pro 16 lbs
Meepo V3 16 lbs
Riptide Boards 13 – 14,5 lbs
WowGo 3 17,2 lbs
Ownboard W2 18,5 lbs
WowGo 2S 16.8 lbs
Ownboard W1S 17,2 lbs


Factors that help to Calculate the Electric Skateboard’s Weight

Electric skateboards are far heavier than the normal or regular skateboard. The main reason is the electric elements/components like the motor, a battery, along with these modified decks, wheels, and trucks. These components increase the weight of the electric skateboard but they help the rider to ride the electric skateboard faster but with ease and comfort. Following you will read in detail each of the components. So, stay tuned.


There are various types of electric skateboards available in the market as discussed above. You will find some electric skateboards with one motor, two motors, and even with four motors. This is quite obvious that by heaving more motors the weight of the electric skateboard will increase significantly.

Moreover, types of motors also have differences in their weight like hub motors are comparatively lighter than the belt-driven motors. So, the motor can affect the weight of the electric skateboard considerably.


The battery of the electric skateboard also affects the weight of the electric skateboard. It seems obvious that the bigger battery size means longer the range of the electric skateboard but many small batteries have more run time compared to the bigger batteries. But we cannot rule out this theory completely. In short, the battery will also add the overall weight of the electric skateboard notably.


Most of the electric skateboards have wooden made decks that are heavier than the other composite and carbon fiber made decks. But these wooden decks provide more flexibility than this carbon fiber decks and costs you less as well.


Although trucks are also available in the regular or manual skateboards. But in electric skateboards, the truck size and strength increase significantly to hold the weight and keep the smooth performance of the electric skateboard at such a high speed.

Type of the electric skateboard

Another most important factor is the type of electric skateboard. This has great influence in increasing or decreasing the weight of an electric skateboard. There are various types of electric skateboards available in the market. Following we mentioned types of electric skateboards.

  1. Street Electric Skateboards
  2. Off-Road & All Terrain Electric Skateboards
  3. Mini Electric Skateboards

Conclusion About Weight of Electric Skateboards

To conclude, we have compiled all the factors that play a vital role in increasing the weight of the electric skateboard along with the various types of electric skateboards with their respective weight in pounds. I hope this informative guide will help you to understand.





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