How Electric Skateboards Work

How Electric Skateboards Work – Most Updated Guide

Do you know how electric skateboards work? Or what is their working mechanism? This guide will explain in the detail the working mechanism of electric skateboards. So, make sure to read till the end.

There are a lot of sports on the planet, one of which is Skateboarding. It is a thrilling and enjoyable sport to do. People around the globe are fond of Skateboarding, but the trend of Skateboarding is rapidly rising in the United States of America. The number of passionate youngsters who love Skateboarding is increasing every year.

This article is made for you guys to briefly explain what an electric skateboard is and how does it work. Keep connected with this article to learn more about the electric Skateboarding.

Just like a regular skateboard, also known as kick skateboard, the electric skateboard is also used by a lot of peoples. The electric skateboard is a modified variant of the convenient skateboard, which uses an electric motor. The motor is usually attached under the deck of the board of inside the wheels of the skateboard. The electric skateboard is controlled using a remote that has a different range depending upon the weight of the person, the terrain, battery capacity, and motor power. Using the remote, you can throttle the skateboard. Besides accelerating, you can also use the remote to apply brakes to stop the skateboard.

The directions of the electric skateboard can be changed by tilting. Simply tilt at the side you want to turn. The weight of an electric skateboard is around 22 pounds / 10 kg, and the speed of the skateboard also varies depending upon the factors, it can achieve about 15 to 30 miles per hour. The range of a regular skateboard is around 10 to 25 miles.

Stay tuned with the article to know more about the electric skateboard.

What is an Electric Skateboard Exactly?

Louie Finkle founded electric skateboards in the late 1990s. He was a massive fan of skateboards, so he combined his knowledge and his love for Skateboarding to develop an electric skateboard. This design that time had some flaws too that are significantly improved by time.

As discussed earlier, the main difference between a conventional skateboard known as a kick skateboard and an electric skateboard is that you have to start the skateboard yourself and use your own feet to stop it. Also, you need to turn it yourself, while the electric skateboard is equipped with a motor and some other electronics that help to accelerate and stop the skateboard quickly. The range of an electric skateboard depends on some different factors, and so the speed, as mentioned above. They are available in the price range of 200 USD and 1000 USD. You can find some of the best electric skateboards under 500 USD as well.

How Does an Electric Skateboard Work Exactly?

Understanding the actual working process of a skateboard may enhance your skateboarding experience. These electric skateboards can gain acceleration quickly, thus provide a maximum thrilling experience. But as it is a machine, so you should better understand how it works.

The electric skateboard is controlled using the remote controller. Once you trigger the controller, the electromagnetic waves transfer the data to the electronic speed controller (ECU) that commands the whole system to work. The data through the is carried through the electromagnetic waves guides the system (motor) to accelerate accordingly. Similarly, you have to tilt your body in the direction you want to turn your skateboard. By doing this, it turns your skateboard accordingly. It is the process of explaining how an electric skateboard works.

Essential Components of an Electric Skateboard

The guide provided below will give you a brief knowledge of various parts used in the skateboard. It will not only help you learn more about the electric skateboard, but you can also maintain or repair your electric skateboard quickly.


A deck is considered the central part of a skateboard. It is the part where you stand to ride a hoverboard. Usually, the deck is made of wood. For enhancing the properties of the deck, it is also sometimes made using carbon-reinforced polymers or fiberglass. The carbon or fiberglass decks are more long-lasting as compared to the wooden deck. The deck can be said a vital part of the skateboard, whether it is a kick skateboard or an electric skateboard.


Wheels are also considered to be an essential part of a skateboard, whether it be a kick skateboard or an electric one. The size, color, and looks of the wheels may vary too. The material used to make wheels is polyurethane, usually. We can say that larger the wheels, better the performance as large wheels can easily roll fast on uneven terrains too. The center of gravity of smaller wheels is low, and they require less power for acceleration. Larger wheels are faster in comparison to smaller wheels.


We can say that the truck plays an essential role in an electric skateboard. It is responsible for transferring the weight of the rider from the deck to the ball bearings and the wheels. The truck is usually made of metal and is the essential part of an electric skateboard. The performance of the electric skateboard depends on the truck, the better the truck, the better the performance will be, and vice versa. The truck consists of some further components like the axle, the kingpin, the bushings, the baseplate, and the hanger, etc.

Grip Tape

Grip tape plays an essential role in transferring all the force and energy that your body created by movements from your feet to the deck. It plays a vital role in supporting and help the rider to maintain its balance while turning, accelerating, or applying brakes. Grip tape is a two-sided tape that has a sticky side to stick with the deck, and the other side touches the feet to support the rider while riding an electric skateboard.

Ball Bearing

Ball bearings help to rotate the wheels. The ball bearings support the wheels to get in connection with the axle. The material used to make ball bearings is steel mostly, but silicon nitride is also used to make ball bearings in some cases. The ball bearings need a lot of care and maintenance. The rider needs to properly clean and lubricate the ball bearings to get the most out of them. The rider can experience wear and tear in case of inadequate lubrication resulting in poor performance of the electric skateboard. The ball bearings may need to get replaced frequently in case if proper care is not done. For a smooth and quality experience, the ball bearings need to be taken good care of them.

Mechanical Parts

The below guide is to give you a brief knowledge about some mechanical parts used in an electric skateboard by this following guide. It will help you learn more about the electric skateboard, and may even prove helpful to maintain your electrical skateboard performance.


The motor helps the electric skateboard to skate. The engine uses electric power and rotates the wheels of your skateboard. Thus, the motor is an essential part of an electric skateboard. Motors are of many types and properties. Usually, only two types of motors are used in electric skateboard, named as “hub motor” and “belt-driven motor.” Following is a brief guide about these two motors that may help you get a better understanding of the motor.

Hub Motor

As installed into the wheels of an electric skateboard, the hub motor is considered a better choice over the belt-driven engine.  The hub motor gives power to the wheels. As compared to the belt-driven motor, it requires less maintenance. The hub motor performs better than the belt-driven engine, so it is given more preference over the belt-driven motor. There is a con of hub motor too that is heating issues. As the hub motor is located into the wheels, so the air can not cross easily, resulting in inadequate cooling and ultimately results in heating. The heating may also affect the motor in some cases. There are some holes in the engine to keeps the heat out and for cooling purposes, but again, this made the motor, not waterproof, so an electric skateboard is not waterproof and may get damaged by water.

Belt-Driven Motor

The belt-driven motor is used in some old electric skateboards. In a belt-driven engine, the motor is not located in the wheels. The axle of the electric skateboard is connected with the wheels through a pulley. It was used in some classic electric skateboards. The belt may get wear with time too, again a con. But the heating issues are less as compared to the hub motor, and most importantly, it is more water resistance than the hub motor because of no holes in the engine.


The battery is also one of the essential parts of an electric skateboard. More the capacity of the cell, the higher the range of the electric skateboard will be. The range of an electric skateboard depends mainly on the battery size. Developing the sound knowledge of an electric skateboard battery can help you determine how much is the range. There are different types of cells available in the market, and the skateboard usually uses two types of batteries, one is the lithium-ion battery. At the same time, the other is the lead-acid battery. Having knowledge about cells is preferred if you are interested in buying an electric skateboard. Both batteries have their pros and cons. The details about both the batteries are briefly given below.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The lithium-Ion battery is usually more expensive when compared to the Lead-Acid battery, but it has some advantages over the Lead-Acid battery too. It requires comparatively less time to charge, there for 5-6 hours until ultimately charged. The range of Lithium-Ion battery is also better, and a Lithium-ion battery can last about three years if properly maintained.

Lead-Acid Battery

The Lead-Acid battery is not much costly. It requires more time to charge, there for about 12 to 24 hours to get fully charged. Battery range is also low despite the long charging time, and the battery life ends in less than a year even is appropriately maintained.

Remote Control

As its name, it controls your skateboard. You can accelerate or stop your skateboard using the remote controller. There are different types of remote controllers’ models. In some models, there is a trigger; you just need to pull the trigger to accelerate the skateboard while removing the trigger will stop the skateboard. The other model has a joystick type rotating button. Pushing it forward will throttle/ accelerate the electric skateboard while pulling it backward applies the brakes. The remote controller is required to start or stop the electric skateboard.

Electronic Speed Controller

We can say that the electronic speed controller (ECU) is the brain of an electric skateboard. All the background calculations are done in the electronic skateboard controller. When the rider accelerates or applies braked using the remote controller, the automatic speed controller does the required calculations and send the required charge from the battery to the motor.


Through the Bluetooth, the data is transferred from the remote controller to the skateboard. It took the electric skateboard to the next level.

Additional Parts

The following guide will give you a brief knowledge about the various additional parts used in an electric skateboard. It will help you learn more about the electric skateboard.


The lights may prove to be helpful in foggy, rainy, or dark environments. Having a white light at the nose and red light on the back of the skateboard not only ensures the safety, but it also looks eye-catching. It can also make skateboarding safe in the night time.

Nose Guards

Nose guards are used to saving the skateboard from damage. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. A nose guard is usually made of heavy-duty plastic that helps to protect your skateboard.

Wheels Guards

The wheel guards can be helpful to save your shoes and dress from mud and water while skating on some wet or muddy surfaces.

Additional Battery

These days, some skateboards are coming with removable batteries, the same as we used to have removable batteries smartphones back in the past. The removable batteries are considered suitable as they can help you travel some extra miles. When your skateboard battery dies during the journey, you can simply replace it with some additional battery. This additional battery option may be very handy and fruitful in some conditions.

Rain Wheels

As the name suggests, the rain wheels are designed to be used during the rain. The wheels are designed such that they can take the rainwater away from the wheels easily and resulting in a better and somewhat smooth ride.

Final Words to Learn “How the Electric Skateboard Works?”

We have provided a detailed guideline about “how the electric skateboard works?”. We are summing it us here for you guys. A lot of people do love skating an electric skateboard. The electric skateboard is different from the kick skateboard in terms that it is advanced and uses an electric motor to accelerate. The battery provides calculated power to the engine through the electronic speed controller. The motor moves the wheels, and the wheels move the skateboard.

We hope all the detailed guides provided by us will be helpful to you to buy a new electric skateboard or maintain your older one. Don’t miss our post about the electric skateboards vs scooters. We wish you the best of luck.

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