The durability of the Hoverboard Battery:

Nowadays, the self-balancing scooters, commonly known as hoverboards, are considered the hottest toy of the era, gaining much importance by kids and adults for commuting. They enjoy riding these portable and rechargeable gadgets to the office, gym, parks, shopping malls, and many more. Hoverboards are not only the coolest gadgets but also the next fad in personal transport. But how long does the Hoverboard’s battery lasts? Durability is one of the crucial factors to consider while purchasing hoverboards of any kind. The answer varies from model to model.

The maximum battery durability of a top-rated and professional hoverboard is detected as 3-4 hours; however, the ordinary and low-priced Hoverboard’s battery lass for 1-2 hours maximum. Usually, adluts have more body weight as compared to the children. So, you should double check the information about battery especially before buying hoverboards for adults.


The following are some of the external factors that might affect the life of a hoverboard battery.

  1. Terrain

The hoverboards utilize more power on off-road terrains, such as coarse surfaces and steep inclines. The self-balancing scooters reaching certain charging battery levels go into power-saving mode affecting its performance.

  1. Rider’s weight

Each Hoverboard has its defined weight range. The more it is pushed to carry the overweight, the faster its battery drains out. For example, when the rider’s weight is beyond the Hoverboard’s maximum load capacity, the battery extorts more power to work more than expected.

  1. Weather conditions

Weather also plays a role in affecting the battery’s performance of the Hoverboard. Batteries drain faster in hotter temperatures and are underperforming in lower temperatures also, I.e., winters. Therefore optimum temperatures level should be maintained while charging.


Despite the brand, model, and price, it is acknowledged that portable self-riding gadget, hoverboard performs impeccably and efficiently in the beginning, then lowers its performance with continued use. Therefore to boost its battery life of following tips should be followed.

  • Never allow the battery to drain out completely.

Using a battery with a low charge badly influences the battery capacity. Therefore every time the power indicator is beeped on the hoverboard, place it on charging as soon as possible. Many hoverboards give power signals when left with 5-10% of the remaining battery capacity.

  • Never overcharge the battery

Unplug the battery right after the hoverboard is fully charged and avoid letting it sit for too long on charging because it reduces the battery’s durability. A standard hoverboard’s battery takes up to 3-4 hours to be charged 100%, therefore, leaving it overnight on charging is absurd.

  • Doing regular charging

Even when one doesn’t travel or regularly use a hoverboard, it is a pro tip to charge it daily because the battery drains out itself. But avoid overcharging and overheating to maintain the optimum performance level of the hoverboard.

  • Using original chargers

It is always recommended to use the original charger to charge the hoverboard because it is customized and tested before approval for use.


Concluding the subject, batteries play a great role in the performance of the hoverboard. Therefore, proper battery handling is needed with utmost care concerning charging capacity to get the most out of your board. As mentioned earlier, a hoverboard usually takes 1-4 hours on a single charge depending on the user’s weight, weather conditions, and terrain. Adhering o mentioned pro trips, one can achieve the battery’s longevity and boosted performance. But, these circumstances may vary for single wheel hoverboards as they are a bit different.

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