Are Hoverboards illegal?

Are Hoverboards illegal? – What are Latest Laws and Regulations in 2021

You might have heard about the hoverboards and skateboards. Or there is also a chance that you are using them. But, do you know are legal or illegal in your state or country? To know this answer read this complete guide.

There are many types of hoverboards available in the market that you can buy. These hoverboards are categorized with respect to prices, specs, and colors. The price range starts from 200 USD approximately. Similarly, black hoverboards are famous among the boys, and pink hoverboards are loved by women.

Many old generation people don’t know about hoverboards. These are a modern-day innovation to skateboards that have ruled the market for a long time. Thus, skateboards used to be affordable, whereas hoverboards are expensive as these are technology biased.

Moreover, many citizens are not familiar with the rules and regulations regarding these hoverboards. Here I’ll provide relevant information about them so that the users are familiar with all the rules to follow.

Are Hoverboards Illegal in the USA?

The United States of America constitutes fifty states; each of them has their own sets of laws. Moreover, regulations regarding hoverboards are different for each country. Many states allow hoverboards across the street, whereas in other states, these are only permitted for private use.

If New York laws are taken into account, you are not allowed to ride hoverboards in public places, sidewalks, streets, parks, footpaths, etc. If an official catches you, then you’ll be imposed a fine of about five hundred dollars. On the contrary, there are separate rules of hoverboards in California. You have to wear a safety helmet and knee pads to prevent any collision. Thus, it would help if you also were at least sixteen years old. If you break any of these rules, then a fine of two hundred and fifty dollars will be imposed.

Hoverboards UK Laws

Like the United States, there is also a huge fan base of hoverboards in the United Kingdom. The problem which UK citizens face is that they are unaware of the rules and regulations of these boards. The majority of the residents are unaware of the places where they are not allowed to ride these boards.

Here I’ll provide you a list of those places where you are allowed/not allowed to ride hoverboards so that you don’t face any legal trouble.

Not Allowed Places

In the United Kingdom, you are not allowed to ride hoverboards in public walks or sidewalks. If you are caught at these places, then a fine of five hundred dollars will be imposed.

Allowed Places

You can ride hoverboards in public gardens, home, private parks, and segway parks. These places are safe for individuals if compared with public places. Moreover, you should also not neglect any of the safety equipment while riding hoverboards.

Thus, I’ve mentioned everything about those places where you can/cannot ride these boards, and it is necessary to know about them. So, beware of the rules and regulations regarding the UK’s hoverboards so that you don’t face any related trouble. If any inconvenience happens, then you also have to compensate for the damages.

Are hoverboards illegal in Canada?

According to Vancouver’s rules and regulations, there are some places where you are not allowed to ride hoverboards. It is because these boards are not insured in case of damages and are less reliable. Thus, you can’t ride these boards on public places and sidewalks.

Are hoverboards illegal in Australia?

According to Australia’s rules and regulations, hoverboards fall in the scooters category. These are not allowed to ride in streets and public places because they are unregistered and don’t have any identification number plates. So, these are not road legal. In case of damages, these boards are also not insured.

New Laws for Hoverboard

The latest news suggests that the rules for hoverboards are about to change in different regions. Hence, each American state has its laws regarding hoverboards. Thus, I’ll update you about the latest rules and regulations after their implementation.

New Laws for Hoverboard in Southern California

These are some new laws regarding hoverboards.

  1. These are not allowed to be driven by every age group. Individuals having an age limit of sixteen years can drive them. Moreover, they should also take safety precautions while driving these boards.
  2. While riding a hoverboard, you should never exceed the speed limit i.e., fifteen miles per hour. Thus, you can ride them on sidewalks, roads, footpaths as well as bicycle lanes. It is also necessary to pad your safety helmet.
  3. Alcoholics are not allowed to ride these hoverboards because accidents can lead to severe injuries.
  4. If a rider desires to ride his board at night, install a flashlight and good reflectors on your board. The LED should also be bright so that it is visible.

Essential features of Hoverboard below Section AB 604:

Section AB 604 was implemented in California when hoverboards were recently introduced in the market. However, it was implemented in 2016. This is a set of instructions and regulations that are necessary for riding a hoverboard. Thus, wearing safety gear while riding a hoverboard can lessen the chance of any injury.

According to the section, the following instructions are necessary to follow while riding these boards.

  1. It will help if you are older than fifteen years old for riding these hoverboards.
  2. Always wear your helmet while riding these boards.
  3. While riding a hoverboard on the road, you can never exceed your speed limit, which is thirty-five miles per hour.

Hoverboard Laws in the other US States: Are hoverboards illegal or legal.

California is the first state of the United States of America that legalized the use of hoverboards. Moreover, they introduced a set of rules which were mandatory to follow for riding these boards.

If Los Angele’s rules are taken into account, they are not fully legalized in the state. You can only ride them in private properties if the owner permits you. Moreover, the boards are also not allowed to be used in public places.

Frequently Asked Questions about legal or illegal hoverboards:

Without recognizing the rules of the States, here are some questions which the hoverboard people often ask.

Where Can You Ride a Hoverboard?

The boards use the latest technology, which provides full stability on plain surfaces, and balancing them is also an easy process. Therefore, there are fifty United States, and each of them has its own rules. Hence, many states don’t allow these boards on public sidewalks, roads, parks, etc. These are only allowed on general properties.

Can You Ride Hoverboard on the Sidewalk?

Many states don’t allow individuals to ride these boards on sidewalks. This is to ensure public safety as in case of accidents; many people can get affected. Instead, you can have a good time riding them in bicycle lanes.

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Grass?

The exception can be made if the technology used is massive and more powerful. Your board should comprise the following things.

  1. Solid aluminum hubs
  2. Eight and a half inches wheels
  3. Massive motor producing a powerful torque

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on the Carpet?

You can always ride your board on a carpet, but you should be an experienced rider. Moreover, you won’t face any trouble if you can overcome the Carpet’s slippage property.

Can You Ride a Hoverboard on Gravel?

You can ride your hoverboard on gravel, but your hoverboard should have the most powerful specs. Moreover, your board’s motor and wheelset should be massive so that maximum torque is produced.

Can You Ride a Hoverboard in the Rain?

It depends on the model of the hoverboard as each hoverboard has its frame. If your hoverboard has a water-resistant frame, you can ride your hoverboard in Rain without any trouble.

Final Words about are hoverboards illegal?

First of all, you should know that hoverboards are not only in America, but these have been introduced in almost every region. But the boards don’t need to be legal in every state or not. These are legal in the majority of states but illegal in some countries. Here I’ve provided all information about the rules and places where you can ride these boards. Out of all the different states, California was the first to introduce them as legal boards. For more detailed information about hoverboards and its laws, just visit

I hope you’ll become aware of the rules and regulations after reading this article.

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